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ALL STAR TEAMS available for all ages
(Look in our Tryout Packet under "Gym Forms" for team costs and practice times)

All Star Cheerleading develops athletes, who receive a foundation that helps prepare them to excel in life. Our athletes improve physical strength, coordination, and agility while becoming proud, confident team members who work together to reach their goals. Participation in the healthy activity of cheer can begin at any age!

All Star Cheer teams practice year round and attend a minimum of 4 competitions throughout the season. Exact team costs do apply and can be found in the "Tryout Packet" on our web page. Sign ups are in MAY of each year. You must bring a completed Tryout Packet and $25 Sign Up fee. Please talk to our staff today to get more info!

Cheernastics Class (Beginning / Level 1 Tumbling)
Cheernastics Class is a great way to get started on tumbling skills. Perfect for new athletes. Focus is on beginning tumbling skills and flexibility. Instruction includes level 1 tumbling such as round offs, cartwheels, back walkovers, front walkovers and connecting basic skills. Time is spent on both the spring floor and tumble track. This class is open to athletes 8 yrs and up. Class is open throughout the year and can be attended on a monthly or daily basis.

Tiny Tumbling Class
This class is for any young athlete (ages 2-8 yrs. old) who is looking to start learning their basic tumbling skills! Class provides instruction on various beginning tumbling skills for cheerleaders and gymnast alike. Focus is on having fun why learning basic technique and drills. Students will use the tumble track, spring floor and pit. This class is specific for younger kids and beginning levels. Class is open throughout the year and can be attended on a monthly or daily basis.

NEW Handspring & Tuck Class (Level 2-3 Tumbling)
This level 2-3 tumbling class is for any athlete who is looking to advance from Level 1 tumbling to Level 2-3 skills such as backhandsprings, fronthansprings, round off backhansprings and connecting level 2 tumbling skills. Once those skills are attained athletes will work on back tucks, front tucks, round off back tucks and connecting level 3 tumbling skills. Class teaches tumbling for cheerleaders and non-cheerleaders alike. Athletes will use the tumble track, spring floor and pit to improve tumbling skills. This class is open to athletes 8 yrs and up and have a solid round off and backwalkover. Class is open throughout the year and can be attended on a monthly or daily basis.

NEW Dollar Night
Dollar Night is a great intro to Chico Cheer. Just sign a release form and bring $1 CASH ONLY and come to the gym to play, tumble, or perfect your cheer skills! Chico Cheer equipment and gym is available to practice any level of tumbling and/or stunts. Come in on your own or join us with your group or team!

Designed for individuals seeking one on one instruction in tumbling and stunting. PLEASE NOTE athletes must be currently enrolled at the gym to be eligible. All private lessons are to be scheduled on an individual basis with our front desk.

YOUíRE Cheerleading Team Practice
($25/hour without Instructor, $50/hour with Chico Cheer Instructor, $75/hour with Tiffany Hayes)Time & day TBD
You won't find a better place to practice cheerleading! Mirrors, sound system, spring floor... itís all here! Join the rest of the cheerleading teams in the nation and start having your recreational, school, or private cheer team practice in an actual cheerleading gym! You work with us to create a schedule that works with your team. It can be an ongoing practice throughout the season or just one or two practices before a big game. You have free use to all our equipment. Front desk staff will be provided to open and lock up. All you have to do is call or email us to book. Your team will just need to fill out a onetime release form. Itís that easy! Book now for next season - we fill up fast!

($125 for 2 hrs - up to 12 children)
Reservations 2 weeks in advance appreciated
Celebrate your special event at ease with our indoor facility! Price includes access to our entire facility, including all toys and equipment for two fun filled hours. Also included are two party attendants to help with set up and supervision. Great any time of the year! Parties are available Saturdays from 12:00 - 6:00 PM. Sundays 10:00 - 5:00 PM.
  • We encourage adults to come too! They are not counted as part of the attendee total. There is a bleacher area where they can watch the kids play!
  • You can bring whatever type of food or desserts you like. We have tables, a sink, refrigerator, and plates available to use. The only restrictions on food is that it is not allowed on the equipment. Please contact to inquire about our special "Chico Cheer Cake"
  • You can come 30 min. early to arrange the furniture and set up with the help of our staff. You can move tables and chairs to wherever you like within reason. You can set up decorations and such. You must be able to easily remove decorations before you leave.
  • At most parties kids will play for about an hour before taking a break to eat and open presents. If there is any time left over, they can go play again! This is just a general party progression, we can change things around to suit your party as necessary. We can organize games and activities if you'd like. We have never seen kids get bored in our gym, we have tons of toys and are happy to make suggestions if asked.
  • All kids must fill out a Registration Form prior to participation. Come celebrate with us today!

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